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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1. Will these watch phones work with my current cellular provider?

A.1. Yes our watch phones will work with your current cellular provider given that it is on the GSM network. The GSM network require a SIM card. GSM is the global standard for mobile communication and operates on 850/900/1800 or 1900 frequency. Here in the US GSM networks operate on 850 or 1900 frequency. Two of the most popular GSM networks in the US are AT&T and T-Mobile. Just insert your current SIM card into the watch phone and you're ready to go.

Q.2. Do I have to have a contract with my cellular carrier in order to use my SIM card in the watch phone?

A.2. No, many customers and use pre-paid SIM cards in their watch phones. If you have a cell phone that you wish to continue to use the make build purchase a prepaid cell phone for $30, activate the cell phone, and swap the SIM card out of that cell phone and place it in the watch phone.

Q.3. Do your watch phones have any sort of warranty?

A.3. Yes, all of our watch phones come with a one year manufacturer warranty.

Q.4. Do you ship internationally?

A.4. Yes, 3G Watches is the world's leading global watch phone retailer. We ship worldwide.