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Olympian Cell Phone Watch Packs More Power Then The imWatch.

Olympian Press
The Olympian Cell Phone Watch is a sports enthusiast dream come true. A 3G Watches spokesman recently hailed the Olympian as the most touch responsive cell phone wristwatch on the market. At first glance the Olympian watch phone resembles the Casio G-Shock. Let me be the first to tell you that the Olympian has far more features then the Casio G-Shock. First of all the Olympian is a fully functional standalone cell phone. It actually holds itís own SIM card unlike the imWatch, which is just a Bluetooth wristwatch. After testing this watch phone myself, I can say that the Olympian gets the best signal reception of all the watch phones Iíve tested over the years. Also the touch screen is super responsive. If you own a cell phone watch then you know what I mean. This is one of few cell phone watches that I can say I feel totally comfortable using without a stylus. The speakerphone is exceptional. I really canít say enough about the quality of this cell phone wristwatch.

The Olympian also surpasses all other watch phones with its vibrant black and orange LCD display. From every angle you will see that this watch just fits together like a glove. This is the latest phone watch introduced from and comes equipped with a Mp3 player, video player, digital camera, video recorder, and, organizer to name a few features. The Olympian phone watch also has a WAP Internet browser and can send SMS and MMS. All for under $150 Best of all this cell phone watch is unlocked and can be used with your current GSM carrier, such as, T-Mobile and AT&T here in the U.S. Just insert your current SIM card and youíre all set. However, for Internet features you will have to manually input the WAP settings for your carrier, which are generally located on you carrierís web site.

Overall the Olympian Cell Phone Watch from 3G Watches is in a class of its own. You get the convenience of having mobile communication access wherever you go with the simplicity of wearing a wristwatch. If you have children that will be going off to camps or are extremely active and into hiking, fishing, biking, and jogging then the Olympian is a great way for you to stay in contact with them allowing you to have some peace of mind. The Olympian is also great for working out since all of your MP3ís can be Bluetoothed to the watch. Insert the ear bud headphones that come with the Olympian and your on your way. Check out the Olympian at for more information.

Retail price: $235.00
Sale price: $169.99