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The Trek Internet cell phone watch from 3G Watches is the best watch phone on the market. The Trek was designed with the athlete in mind. The performance of this phone watch is phenomenal. You get best reception hands down and a ton of other features. This watch phone feels great. The design is dynamic an has a very sleek appearance. The Trek cell phone watch has a GPS and heart rate monitor. This is perfect for maximizing your workouts. You also get a touch screen, mp3 player, mp4 player, text messaging, organizer, cell phone, Internet, speakerphone, Bluetooth, digital, and video camera all in this wrist watch. Cyclist and runner's will love the flexibility of the Trek watch phone.

Item# Trek
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Product Description

Phone dimension About 51mmx17.9mm


Embedded antenna

Case & band material Plastic

Standby time about 168 hours

Talk time about 5 hours

Melody 64 tone MIDI

Support MP3

Menu's Language

English,Germany,French,Spaish,Italian,Portuguese,Dutch,Poland,Russian System

Band GSM850,PCS19000,GSM900,DCS1800

GPRS Support


Main LCM Resolution 220*176


Size 1.49"

LCM LED White color

Touch panel

GPS Part Resolution U-BLOX

Antenna 18*18*4.2mm, Embedded antenna

Chipset 6010

Pulse Band 5.3k

Trans. way radio

Sensor 5.3k radio chest belt

Speaker & Receiver Dia. 15mm*wide 10mm*height 4mm

Mic Dia. 4*2.5mm

Bluetooth Earphone Support

Battery 850mAh

Memory SRAM 32 Mbits

NOR flash 128 Mbits

Reserve for End user (T-FLASH) 2GB

Basic Phonebook Support Messages Support Multimedia Support Fun&Games Support User Profiles Support Services Support Others GPRS Support SMS/MMS Support Camera 1.3M MP3 Support MP4 Support WAP Support Sport Calorie, Heart rate, Sport speed/distance