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Wow! We've done it again here at 3G Watches. We are setting the standard for the watch phone community . You would be amazed at how many other websites have plagiarized our content. Not shocking to us, of course. We've pretty much laid the foundation for all cell phone watch information and technology. This is all we do. We focus on providing authentic high quality watch phones and distribute our models globally. We are continually working with watch phone manufacturers to be the voice of the consumers as far as which functions and features are most needed. Cell Phone Watch Technology is rapidly advancing and we are here to provide you with the up-to-date information.

The cell phone watch is more than just a fad. This high-tech multimedia device is equipped with any MP3 player, video player, speakerphone, touchscreen feature, Bluetooth capability, and in many models and digital camera and video recorder. However, the most amazing feature of this device is that it is a fully functional cell phone that can be worn on your wrist. Watch Phone Technology is extraordinary in the capability of future watch phones are limitless. You will soon see cell phone watches with Internet browsers, smart phone capabilities, and videoconferencing. Watch Phones stand a chance of making up a large portion of all mobile phone sales in the future. 3G Watches is here to bring you the future today.